Telrad Networks Shows off LTE-A Capable Base Station

Telrad Networks has shown off a new outdoor base station that supports both WiMAX and LTE.

The BreezeCOMPACT 3000 is optimized for 2.5 GHz deployments and supports a software upgrade to LTE-A services in the future.

It also supports scalable sector configurations (up to two sectors and/or two carriers), and 4TX x 4RX MIMO performance. 

As broadband traffic demand continues to grow, it challenges the operators to create a sustainable radio deployment model to meet the demand.”

-Mark Altshuller, Chief Technology Officer, Telrad.

Telrad’s BreezeCOMPACT 3000 was designed to address these challenges and bring cost-effective connectivity, coverage and capacity solution to the market. Delivering extremely high power functionality, it offers big performance in a small package.”

The BreezeCOMPACT 3000 is the newest addition to the BreezeCOMPACT suite. Telrad Networks acquired the  Breeze range of products from Alvarion earlier this year.

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