Telkomsel launches Google Free Zone

Indonesian mobile operator Telkomsel has launched Google Free Zone.

Google is launching the service, called Free Zone, first in the Philippines via local carrier Globe Telecom. The service allows phones with an Internet connection but limited functionality to access basic Google products like search, email and its social networking service Google+ for free.
websites can be accessed by the users without any cost, but any website outside those results would prompt an invitation to subscribe to the mobile operator’s data plan.

AbdelKarim Mardini, product manager for Google said:
[quote]It’s aimed at the next billion users of the Internet, many of whom will be in emerging markets and encounter the Internet first on a mobile phone, without ever owning a PC[/quote]

due to the flourising telecom sector all around the world,google is trying to collaborate and provide services,they target users of feature phone to move beyond just making calls and sending Sms but also use the internet services.

Google makes most of its money through ads on web pages. It says it plans to roll out the service in other countries soon.

While developing countries like the Philippines have been enthusiastic early adopters of cellphones, there are still millions who either use phones too basic to be used for Internet services, or who are reluctant to shell out for more expensive services.

Phones running Google’s Android operating system now account for three quarters of all smartphones shipped, according to consultancy IDC. But that still leaves a lot of phones.

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