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“Telenor has the fastest mobile network in the world”: Ookla

Telenor Norway has the fastest mobile network in the world, according to Ookla, which analyses the speeds from tests conducted by mobile customers. “Telenor has the fastest mobile network in the world”: Ookla.

Telenor Norway Becomes the Fastest Mobile Network in the World

Telenor’s ability to build the world’s fastest mobile network is not a given. Norway is an elongated country with a demanding topography. Mountains, fjords and challenging weather conditions make the expansion of mobile coverage particularly difficult. Nevertheless, it is evident that Telenor’s mobile customers are benefiting from a mobile network which is best in class worldwide.

According to an analyst:

“Norwegian customers have high demands when it comes to network quality. They expect high quality mobile coverage whether they are at work, at home or in their cabins. It is vital that we meet their expectations and deliver as promised. It is thanks to our demanding customers and the talented technologists in our organisation that we have been able to build such a superior network.”

Norwegian mobile customers are using more data than ever and have high expectations to network speed. According to figures from Telenor, data traffic is growing at a rate of 30-40 per cent every year. In order to meet this high demand, Telenor has set clear goals for 2019. This includes the gradual phasing out of 3G on a county-by-county basis by 2020 in order to increase the capacity of the 4G network.


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