Tele2 Wins Third 800 MHz LTE Block

The Estonian Technical Surveillance Authority (ETSA) has announced that Tele2 Eesti has won the country’s third block of digital dividend 800MHz (790MHz-862MHz) 4G mobile broadband spectrum after winning a competitive auction. With a starting price of EUR1.597 million (USD2.170 million), Tele2 beat competition from rival bidder Starman. Bids took place over 18 rounds, with Tele2 placing the highest eventual bid of EUR5.098 million. Annual fees for frequency resource usage are EUR24, 000. Tele2 released a statement on the same day, saying that it will begin expanding its existing 4G LTE coverage using the new 800MHz license, with rollout to encompass not only main cities but ‘95% of territory in the first half of this year’. Having previously covered larger cities with its 2600MHz LTE network launched in November 2012, Tele2 has now vowed to improve indoor coverage as well as covering much wider expanses of Estonia using the lower-band spectrum, and it added in its statement that a large part of the network was readied for LTE upgrades even before the auction took place.


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