Tele2 first in Europe with voice over 4G

The tests have been conducted in a fully end-to-end standards compliant manner using technology from Mavenir Systems and Nokia Siemens Networks implemented in the live LTE network in Sweden.

VoLTE technology improves voice quality significantly and enables much faster call setup times.

Joachim Horn, CTIO Tele2 AB, commented: “We have consciously built in support for VoLTE in the 4G network, covering almost the entire population of Sweden. The tests we have conducted have shown tremendous results in a multi-vendor environment. From a technical standpoint we could be ready to launch commercially within a year.”

VoLTE is the next generation technology for transporting voice traffic as an IP data stream in LTE. Today the LTE networks are solely used for data traffic whilst voice traffic is still handled in the 2G and 3G networks. By moving and converting the voice traffic to LTE data, the opportunities for a superior and seamless user experience of voice integrated in new LTE services and applications are increasing.

Joachim Horn continued: “Not only does VoLTE enable superior voice and data experience simultaneously for our customers, but the technology is also more cost efficient”.

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