Tele2 Announces “Special” Offer for Corporate Groups

Tele2 discounter offers business customers a good deal, which includes unlimited communication within the corporate group and a cell phone!

Using Proposition “Specials “, the subscriber makes a one-time payment of $ 8,280 tenge and gets a mobile phone as a gift and an opportunity to communicate with their counterparts in the corporate group for free! Inside the Tele2 network on 1 tenge per minute with per second step of rounding and the networks of other operators in Kazakhstan by 5.9 tenge per minute as well with per second step of rounding. Moreover, tariff offer “Specials “include calls to international destinations at a reduced rate! So, the call to China will cost a subscriber only 11 tenge per minute, a call to Russia and Uzbekistan only 15 tenge per minute and in Kirgizstan only 16 tenge per minute, rounding step to international destinations is 10 seconds.

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