TD-LTE to Drive Rapid Expansion Plans

The report, found that TD-LTE (Time Division LTE – using unpaired spectrum) will indeed play a major role in global deployment. Driven by China, Japan and India, TD-LTE will see an increased network roll-out from other parts of the world.

“TD-LTE will play a significant role, especially in the emerging markets, pushed by China Mobile’s need to support TD-LTE and accelerate its commercial deployment in China. There are 36 commercial TD-LTE networks and we expect active TD-LTE connections to demonstrate a higher annual growth rate when compared to FD-LTE (Frequency Division) over the next five years”.

Noted report author Nitin Bhas.

Additionally, the three leading Chinese operators, including China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom have announced a joint infrastructure company to share network resources.

Other Key Findings include:

 Far East & China will account for the majority of the 4G LTE service revenues by 2019.

∏ Nearly 1 in 3 smartphones shipped this year will be LTE enabled with manufacturers expected to ship more 4G enabled devices relative to 2G/3G devices.

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