Tcell offers unlimited calls to favourite number

Tcell offer new service “FAVOUTITE NUMBER”.

Service parameters “Favorite Number”

[list style=”unordered” type=”type1″] Connect and disconnect FREE;
You can connect only one “Favorite number» (Next or Tcell);
If you change your favorite number is automatically removed prior connection number;
Monthly fee for 30 days is $ 0,30 (c VAT and 3% excise tax);
Cost change the number $ 0,20 (c 3% VAT and excise);
The service is exactly 30 days from the date of connection;
The subscription fee is charged automatically after 30 days of connection and extended automatically (after the previous period);
In the case of service termination, if the subscriber’s account is not enough money to pay the monthly fee for the service, the service is turned off and sent SMS notification;
Charge for the service “Favorite number” will be charged with additional balance if the balance is not sufficient additional funds the remaining amount is charged to the principal balance;
Plan «Favorite number” must be one of: “Salome,” “Salome +”, “Ofarin”, “Real”, “Sanam”, “Nowruz”, “Yoron” ” Achoib “,” Next “,” Chance “,” Lucky “, the” + “,” Light + “,” Ajoib ‘”,” City’ “.


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