TCell offers its service “Avtoplatezh”

Company Tcell in conjunction with ” Agroinvestbonk “are pleased to offer the service” Avtoplatezh “, thanks to which the customers will be able to stay always connected! Now anyone can not worry about that at the worst time when the account runs out of money. Agroinvestbonk through payment cards, the service “Avtoplatezh” will automatically replenish your balance and balance your family, when a certain minimum threshold.

In order to install an automatic renewal of balance, one needs to send an SMS message to the number 6868 with the following command: 300 _threshold _ amount of auto replenishment

And to set up an automatic recharge for family, one needs to send a message to the number 6868 with the following command: 300 _ threshold _ auto replenishment amount _ phone.

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