TCC Launches 3G Network in Tonga

Tonga Communication Corporation (TCC) has launched its new 3G mobile network in the country. From 20 December, TCC customers in the island kingdom can benefit from better internet access – especially those living in rural areas – with the promise of maximum downloads of up to 2Mbps. Until now, the people of Tonga have been limited to sub-broadband mobile data access speeds of around 300kbps. According to TCC’s manager of engineering, Sione Veikoso, the 3G launch has been made possible by the recent commissioning of a new fibre-optic cable link in the country.

 We faced a lot of problems with our old network such as low network coverage for internet [access]. This caused customers to call and complain. But the new 3G network has solved that problem. The data application used in the old network was limited and it can only download or upload data with a maximum of 300kbps while the new [network] is more advanced and a lot of data application can be used.’

 TCC’s new 3G network also means that residents on Malinoa Island on the northern side of Tongataou and other parts of ‘Eua can now have internet access.

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