Grünberg: Ucell Welcomes Return of MTS into Uzbek Market

Mobile operator Ucell welcomes Mobile TeleSystems (works under UMS brand) back into market of Uzbekistan, chief executive officer of Ucell Tõnu Grünberg said on 11 December 2014.

Tõnu Grünberg underlined that MTS worked in Uzbekistan two years ago and the company knows them well. He added:

“We welcome MTS back”. It is not normal situation when there are only two operators (GSM-operators – UzDaily) in this big market. Three is very fine.”

Tõnu Grünberg further added that:

“Ucell will lose some its customers, but the operator will fight hard to keep the rest.”

Ucell CEO said that Uzbekistan has huge potential for development of mobile communication. He underlined that the Government of Uzbekistan pays great attention to development of information society.

Grünberg said that Ucell currently is not providing the services at that level, which it wants. He noted that the company is working on improving quality of communication and expansion of network, as well as development of new services.

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