Tele2 Kazakhstan Revenues Lift 12% Up in Q4

Tele2 Kazakhstan mobile end-user service revenues grew by 12 percent in the fourth quarter to SEK 280 million, from 251 million the year earlier, negatively impacted by devaluation of the local currency and increased competition. Through improved operational scale and lower interconnect levels, EBITDA amounted to SEK 17 million, from a loss the year earlier of 7 million. In the quarter, Tele2 Kazakhstan continued to focus on strengthening its market position and on increasing the quality of customer intake. In the quarter, net intake amounted to 205,000, taking the total customer base to 3.297 million, up from 2.751 million the year earlier. Customer intake increased partly because of the new commission structure and partly due to new price plans in reaction to increased competition. Improved quality of customer intake and increasing data consumption supported the operational development. Tele2 Kazakhstan continued to invest in its mobile network in order to improve quality. Most efforts concentrated on expanding geographical coverage and improving network quality. New bucket priced offers were introduced in the quarter as a response to strong pricing competition and to maintain the price leadership position.

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