Tri-band LTE-A

Court Orders SKT to Halt Adverts Claiming First Commercialization of Tri-band LTE-A

South Korea’s SK Telecom (SKT) has been ordered not to run advertising in which it claims to be the first of the nation’s cellcos to have commercialized tri-band LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) services, following a court ruling. With KT Corp having filed a case in which it alleged that its rival was engaging in deceptive advertising, the court considering the matter has agreed. SKT had argued that as handsets supporting Tri-band LTE-A are not yet available on the market it was misleading for SKT to claim that the network had been commercialized. With the court supporting KT’s claims, SKT has now been directed to withdraw any advertising in which it has made claims regarding a tri-band LTE-A service launch, though it is understood that the mobile market leader is considering appealing the verdict.

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