React 18 is Now Live on NPM

React 18 is Now Live on NPM

React 18 is now available on npm which is the latest major version. This new version comes with improvements including automatic batching, new APIs like startTransition, and streaming server-side rendering with support for Suspense.

In React 18, most of the features are built on top of the new concurrent renderer, a behind-the-scenes change unlocking powerful new capabilities. Concurrent React is opt-in — it’s only enabled when you use a concurrent feature. Which will have a big impact on the applications building methods.

React 18 is Now Live on NPM

“We’ve spent years researching and developing support for concurrency in React, and we’ve taken extra care to provide a gradual adoption path for existing users. Last summer, we formed the React 18 Working Group to gather feedback from experts in the community and ensure a smooth upgrade experience for the entire React ecosystem.: according to React official page’s blog.

Users can upgrade to React 18 with minimal or no changes to their application code, with a level of effort comparable to a typical major React release. Based on the previous experience converting several apps to React 18, many users might be able to upgrade within a single afternoon.

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It is essential to mention here that the React 18- concurrency is true blessing for application developers, but may be a bit more complicated for library maintainers. concurrency is a new behind-the-scenes mechanism that enables React to prepare multiple versions of their UI at the same time

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