Qualcomm to Supply Chip for New Renault Electric Vehicle

Qualcomm to Supply Chip for New Renault Electric Vehicle

Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. has announced that it is working with Renault Group and Google to a rich and immersive in-vehicle experience for the new E-TECH Electric range of the Renault Mégane.

The latest report says that the French car manufacturer-Renault Group will utilize the 3rd Generation Snapdragon Automotive Cockpit Platforms from Qualcomm Technologies in order to power the vehicle’s technically advanced infotainment system. The third-generation Snapdragon automotive cockpit platforms from Qualcomm comprises portrait-sized touchscreen displays for audio, visual and navigational functions, designed to bring ease of use and comfort to drivers and passengers.

Qualcomm to Supply Chip for New Renault Electric Vehicle

The Mégane E-TECH Electric’s infotainment system is planning to meet the automotive requirements of industry and growing demand for premium in-vehicle experiences of customers, as well as to underline the new position of car as a highly competitive electric vehicle in the market.

Infotainment systems in the Mégane E-TECH Electric will be equipped with built-in Google apps and services to provide intelligent infotainment and in-vehicle customer applications – like Google Assistant, Google Maps and Google Play. It will also help to keep the vehicle fresh and current with evolving digital trends with its upgradable capabilities.

The third-generation Snapdragon automotive cockpit platforms will deliver “transformative experiences for drivers and passengers”. Which is specifically designed to transform in-vehicle experiences, supporting higher levels of compute and intelligence needed for advanced capabilities featured in next-generation vehicles, that include intuitive AI experiences for in-car virtual assistance, natural interactions between the vehicle and driver, and contextual safety use cases.

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Connected home entertainment tech

Qualcomm designed QCA9379 chip  to be an affordable home entertainment solution for manufacturers and consumers. Because the technology integrates Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a power amplifier, and a low-noise amplifier under the same hood, it is designed to allow manufacturers to optimize for cost, and for consumers to save money on their next smart TV.


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