Qualcomm and Samsung inks Strategic Agreement

Qualcomm and Samsung inks Strategic Agreement

Samsung is a long-standing customer of Qualcomm, with the relationship extending Qualcomm-powered versions of Samsung’s flagship smartphones. Qualcomm said the patent deal is

Ericsson, Qualcomm and AT&T partner for 5G NR

Ericsson, Qualcomm Technologies., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, and AT&T plan to conduct interoperability testing and over-the-air field trials based on 5G New Radio (NR) specifications being developed by 3GPP. The trials intend to help move the mobile ecosystem to faster 5G deployment based on standards-compliant 5G NR infrastructure and devices once 3GPP completes the first release of the official specifications, which is expected as part of Release 15.


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