UCOM to Build Mobile Internet Network in Armenia

Armenian UCOM plans to build a new mobile internet network across the country, starting within the next month. UCOM chief executive Hayk Yesayan confirmed the decision at a news conference, saying that whilst it is too early to speak about what services the telco will be offering, UCOM’s priority will be mobile internet.

In November 2013 Armenia’s Public Services Regulatory Commission (PSRC) awarded UCOM a license (valid until August 2018) to provide mobile services in the country, stipulating that the commercial launch should take place on or before January 2015. The company paid AMD6.3 billion (USD15.2 million) for the license. Mr Yesayan says that his company had announced tenders for the construction of the network and will select soon a vendor.

At this moment, we are engaged in the technical design of the network, and in a month we will start the construction,’

Under the terms of its concession, UCOM is allowed to provide broadband wireless internet in the capital Yerevan and surrounding areas, while within two years, it must have constructed a similar network covering ‘80% of districts and major highways of the country’.

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