Open Data Portal

Uzbekistan to Create State Open Data Portal

The single interactive state services portal published a draft regulation on the state open data portal.

The portal is created to provide single platform for storage of open date, provide access to users to open data via internet and ensure collaboration of users with open data suppliers.

The portal will publish unprocessed open data without preliminary processing, including:

-Data, highly demanded by the users;

-Public information on activities of the state bodies;

-Statistic data on main spheres of the activities of the state bodies;

-Information, stored at state information systems and resources, owned by the state bodies, disclosure of which is not limited by the legislation.

The users can use open data without any limit, copy, publish and transfer data, published at the portal. They can use data for commercial purpose as well. Information, published as open data, will be determined by the Republican commission on coordination of implementation of complex programme for development of national information-communication systems of Uzbekistan for 2013-2020.

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