CDMA Uzbekistan

CDMA Uzbekistan Offers VIP Tariffs When Buying Artel Handset

Mobile operator CDMA Uzbekistan, working under the Perfectum Mobile brand, is offering VIP tariffs for subscribers across the country when purchasing Artel C226 handsets. The ‘USD 20’ tariff is being offered in the city and region of Tashkent, and the ‘Time To Talk USD 20’ tariff is available everywhere else in the country’. The monthly subscription rate is USD 20 under both tariffs. A monthly traffic bundle of 6 GB is being offered in Tashkent, and 1.5 GB monthly in other regions. The rate for outgoing calls is USD 0.02 per minute, and incoming calls are free under both tariffs.


CDMA Uzbekistan Offers Promo on Artel C226 Handset

Mobile operator CDMA Uzbekistan, working under the Perfectum Mobile brand, has extended its ‘Careless Communication’ promotion. Subscribers buying the Artel C226 handset in branded shops of the operator can connect to the ‘Tell It Everybody’ tariff. The offer is valid in the city and region of Tashkent. The daily subscription to the tariff costs USD 0.04, outgoing on-net calls is USD 0.025 per minute, and calls to other Uzbekistan networks cost USD 0.03 per minute. Incoming calls are free. 


Rubicon Wireless Communication Now to Work under Perfectum Brand

Rubicon Wireless Communication (RWC), which rendered mobile communication services of CDMA standard in Uzbekistan under trademark Perfectum Mobile, carried out rebranding.

The mobile operator will now render services under Perfectum trademark, while its slogan is “Now! Always”.

Rubicon Wireless Communication was founded in November 1995 as a mobile communication operator in Uzbekistan.

The company launched D-AMPS digital network for commercial use in 1997. In 2001, the company introduced CDMA standards under Perfectum Mobile brand. Three years later, the company launched CDMA 2000 1X standard, which allowed to improve speed of internet in the country.

Currently, Perfectum provides mobile communication services in all regions of Uzbekistan.

CDMA Uzbekistan

CDMA Uzbekistan Modifes Promotion in Regions

Mobile operator CDMA Uzbekistan, working under the Perfectum Mobile brand, plans to modify the conditions of its ‘Useful Communication’ promotion from 10 December. Customers will be able to to connect to the Twice Cheaper Plus tariff when buying handsets from branded shops and from dealer retail outlets in regions across the country until 31 December. Under the tariff, all outgoing calls to Uzbekistan networks cost USD 0.01 per minute, with the daily subscription rate at USD 0.01. The mobile internet rate is set at USD 0.05 per 1 MB during day hours and USD 0.03 per 1 MB at night.The offer is accessible for those buying Artel C226 or Artel Adi5 handsets.

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