NIC Islamabad Hosts Startup Master Class By Facebook

NIC Islamabad Hosts Startup Master Class By Facebook

Startups were able to register participants in both the business and developer tracks, where each audience learned about best practices, case studies and opportunities to build grow

PurePush Reaches 200 Mobile Apps Developed by Pakistani Developers

PurePush, a private incubation center supported by Academia and Industry has reached nearly 200 mobile apps developed by Pakistani developers with millions of downloads every month.

The success is due to the creativity of ReadyBuilt mobile applications that are customized specifically for local market and fun apps relating to the on-going situations of the country.

PurePush has been creating mobile applications for over four years; it was started in 2010. It works on the development of mobile applications based upon latest technology concepts such as Augmented Reality and AllJoyn for all platforms i.e Android, IOS, BB Java and Windows Phone.

With a development team of just bunch of talented software engineers, the company developed some most popular apps with the largest amount of downloads i.e. Acc. Blood Pressure (BP) Monitor (1 million downloads in just 2month) and Readybuilt apps like LONG MARCH GAME is also popular among the users.

For more apps by PurePush, CLICK HERE

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