Netflix pledges up to $100 million toward ‘economic opportunity for Black communities’

Netflix is pledging 2 percent of its cash holdings to provide “economic opportunity for Black communities.” The company plans to initially commit up to $100 million, but the quantity could grow alongside its cash holdings over time.


Netflix is starting to restore normal streaming quality in parts of Europe

Netflix is working to restore streaming quality in various European countries following government requests for the company to reduce bandwidth usage out of fear that it was putting too much stress on broadband connections.


DoNotPay made an extension for sharing Netflix passwords with friends

DoNotPay the company responsible for creating an AI-powered app that provides legal advice has released a new product that allows you to privately share your login info for Disney Plus


Netflix offers a free movie to try to get people to subscribe

Netflix thinks its original content can get people to subscribe, so through March 9th, the streaming service is giving US residents a free movie.

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