Qualcomm & ESL Gaming Join Hands to Launch Snapdragon Pro Esports Series

Qualcomm & ESL Gaming Join Hands to Launch Snapdragon Pro Esports Series

As mobile gaming is getting more famous among the people across the globe, Qualcomm and ESL Gaming have signed a multi-year agreement for Snapdragon Pro Series.  Both companies have forged a partnership to come up with a mobile gaming league. According to the agreement, processor company Qualcomm and Esports tournament organizer ESL Gaming to provide accessible and high-quality mobile esports experiences for both new and veteran competitors.

The mobile gaming league will have three tiers of competition- Open, Challenge and Masters. The league will have around $2 million in prize money at stake. The Snapdragon Pro Series will have tournaments in North America, Europe, the Middle-East, China, North Africa and Asia-Pacific. It will launch a premier global, multi-genre mobile esports competition, culminating in an epic live Masters final event. The competitions will leverage premium-tier Snapdragon-powered devices using “Snapdragon Elite Gaming” optimizations.

Qualcomm & ESL Gaming Join Hands to Launch Snapdragon Pro Esports Series

The Qualcomm blog stated that “This game-changing event concept leverages premium-tier Snapdragon powered devices which are packed with Snapdragon Elite Gaming technology to untether the players and create a breakthrough experience. The distinguished arsenal of Snapdragon Elite Gaming delivers premium, mobile-first features and enhancements including advanced game optimizations, ultra-realistic graphics, and lightning connectivity and performance speeds to help competitors harness the power of desktop-level gaming to transform the phone into a premium gaming machine.”

Rodrigo Samwell, CCO at ESL Gaming said, “The rapid rise of mobile esports is well-documented, and we’re incredibly proud of the role ESL has played in that to date. “Our new collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies and its Snapdragon brand will elevate our mobile ecosystem to its fullest potential. We’re excited to transform the future of mobile esports for players and fans around the world, continuing to create a world where everybody can be somebody.”

For readers’ information, ESL Gaming is the world’s largest esports and gaming lifestyle company. Since 1994, the company has been shaping the industry and leading esports and gaming innovation on a global scale across the most popular video games with several online and offline esports competitions, and through premier gaming lifestyle festivals.

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