Karachi Police Launches Emergency Alert Code in Collaboration with Ufone

In wake of the growing security concerns for educational institutes throughout the country, Karachi Police in collaboration with Ufone has launched a single click Emergency Alert Code (EAC) to strengthen and compliment the security operations of the Police department.

In order to activate this well thought out security system, Ufone numbers of the school staff members and other educational institutes will be registered in collaboration with the education department and Police.  Likewise, the schools will also be allowed to individually register their Ufone SIMs by filling up the forms available online or at the Police Stations in Karachi. Once this process has been completed, following the registration of the number, any alarm triggered through it would alert the nearest Police Station and relevant police official to take necessary action to safeguard the school. The alert code would also send details containing the name of the school as well as the name of the person who generated the alarm.

An added advantage of Ufone’s CSR based Emergency Alert Code (EAC) is that it’s free of cost which would not render any alarm ineffective simply due to the insufficiency of mobile credit. Also, it does not require any high-end mobile phones to be effectively functional. The system would also have a portal for live reporting, extended to all senior Police officials and all other stakeholders involved.

“It’s a unique security alarm system that will enable immediate security and assist the Police in their endeavors to protect the future generation of the country. In this time of need, the efforts of Ufone are commendable not just in terms of innovation but also through their quest to contribute towards the security thereby showing the nation that it’s an organization that cares.”

Said Ghulam Qadir Thebo, Additional Inspector General Police Karachi.

Speaking about the effort of the company towards building a safer country, especially for education seekers, Noman Azhar, Head of Financial Services and M-Governance at Ufone, said:

“This initiative reflects Ufone’s determination to give back to the country in a meaningful way. Following our strategy of incorporating technological advance in our system, we have instilled a mechanism that would facilitate the Police in promptly dealing with emergency situations.”

Ufone’s Emergency Alert Code has made many citizens hopeful in terms of acquiring immediate help when needed.


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