Electronic Purse “Els” Is Available To All Subscribers MegaCom

MegaCom Company has begun a new service “electronic wallet” called “Els” designed to simplify life.

Electronic purse “Els” is a virtual account number submitted by the mobile device, allowing to make payments, invest, transfer, and cash money electronically. It covers the possibility of a bank account, but offers a more convenient and easy way to make mobile financial transactions.

Today is gaining increasing popularity new trend ‘mobile money ‘and we are pleased that all our subscribers have the opportunity to enjoy a comfortable financial service. ‘Els’ in any place and at any time, subject to the availability of the mobile network.”

 – Mirlan Karabukaev, Head of the Marketing Department

New convenient service-electronic purse called @ELSOM will allow subscribers of MegaCom to pay via mobile phone:-

-the goods and services in shops-partners, canteens, cafes and restaurants that you learn the special characters “ELSOM and advertising posters
-utility services
-services of the Internet
-services of cable television
-recharge any mobile phone
-transfer funds from your “eWallet” on settlement accounts at the Bank and back, as well as on any other purses
-to cash monetary funds
-purse money transfers from abroad

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