Arqiva Trials Small Cell Technology in Southampton

UK towers owner, Arqiova says that it has been working with a number of vendors for trialing Small Cell backhaul technology in Southampton City Centre.

The company named vendors including Intracom, CCS and Siklu Communication, together with the mobile network operators to help define the scope of the trials, due to complete at the end of June.

This follows the announcement in February this year that they won the exclusive rights to provide outdoor wireless connectivity in Southampton, together with a number of London Boroughs and other city centres, including Manchester.

Small Cell connectivity boosts mobile coverage and capacity at street level, as well as indoors in nearby buildings. It negates the need to build large masts and antennae’s in a city by providing the infrastructure on lamp posts or buildings. The small cells are then connected via Microwave link, or fibre, to the mobile operators’ networks.

Aviat Releases WTM 3300 for Small Cell, Macro-cell Backhaul

Microwave networking specialist Aviat Networks has released the Aviat WTM 3300 radio. The 70-80GHz radio is purpose-built for deployment in newly “densified” city environments where traditional microwave and typical 70-80GHz radios cannot be installed due to large, highly visible parabolic antennas. The WTM 3300 is designed for both small cell and macro cell wireless backhaul markets as well as enterprise broadband connectivity. Aviat reports it has already made initial shipments of WTM 3300 radios to a new mobile operator customer in Central Europe, a new mobile operator customer in Western Europe and to an existing full-line telecom customer in South America.


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