The Number of E-Signature Owners in Azerbaijan Rises Almost 7%

The number of electronic digital signatures, or EDS, issued by the National Center of Certification in Azerbaijan increased by 6.8 percent in August 2014.

A statistical report from The Information Technology Center at the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies reached 22,845 as of Sept.1.

Of the total number of issued EDS some 14,490 units were given to government agencies, 2,956 were issued to legal entities and 5,399 to citizens.

The number of visitors to the e-Government portal amounted to 543,544 in August. The total number of references to the portal from December 2012 to August 31, 2014 reached 799,944. Number of references to electronic services available on the portal exceeded 2.15 million for the period.

Of the total number of approved electronic services (446 units) on the e-Government portal ( some 291 services are available. The total number of e-services posted on the websites of the state institutions in Azerbaijan is 461.

E-government portal is a key tool for supporting work with the citizens and enterprises of the public and private sectors. It aims to reduce the number of documents requested from citizens due to the fact that different bodies will interact with each other electronically.

Access to the portal is carried out using a digital signature, the identification data of the private entrepreneurs and citizens, verification data (login and password) as well as mobile authentication system, can be obtained in electronic form after registration on the portal.


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