ZTE Working with E-Plus to Enable Volte

Chinese vendor ZTE has announced that it is cooperating with German mobile network operator E-Plus on the deployment of an IP multimedia services (IMS) based core network infrastructure. With this to form the basis for a commercial voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) service in the E-Plus network, ZTE has confirmed that it has, in fact, already constructed the IMS core network, with work having been completed in ‘only a few months’. As such, trials of VoLTE services are said to be underway, with the vendor noting that an enhanced single RAN voice call continuity (eSRVCC ) flow will ensure that when an LTE user moves out of the 4G network area they can be smoothly switched across to E-Plus’ 3G network, ensuring an uninterrupted and stable voice service.

Li Jun, chief executive officer at ZTE Deutschland, said of the partnership:

“We are very honoured to provide IMSnetwork and VoLTE solutions for E-Plus. ZTE’s VoLTE solution will help E-Plus to provide high-quality voice services and guarantee high-bandwidth data services based on LTE access. ZTE’s implementation of the VoLTE technology will also help improve E-Plus’s network profitability.”

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