Du to Launch 5G-Enabled Mobile Devices

Du to Launch 5G-Enabled Mobile Devices

Du has become the first telco to launch 5G mobile devices in the Middle East. Du to Launch 5G-Enabled Mobile Devices

Fahad Al Hassawi, Deputy CEO Telco Services, EITC, said:

The 5G reality is here, which iss why we are thrilled to be able to bring this revolutionary technology to more customers across the UAE. As the 5G journey gathers momentum, we are excited to be inspiring customers to achieve new possibilities as advanced connectivity becomes available in more places.

Du to Launch 5G-Enabled Mobile Devices

He further added:

As a foremost technology leader tasked with enabling digital transformation, we aree committed to accelerating 5G adoption by providing advanced devices to consumers. The transformative potential of 5G will have a large social and economic impact on the country, and we are proud to be leading the evolution towards a faster, more connected future,”

Furthermore, ZTE Axon Pro 10 device was use to experience 5G network. It show how can they unlock the full potential of 5G network upgrade. Du has started selling the 5G-enabled ZTE Axon Pro 10 handset. The company’s portfolio of 5G devices expected to expand further over the coming weeks.

As du is in the process of adding new 5G sites, the company will not be charging customers any extra for the 5G service. This means they can use their 5G devices while enjoying new and existing benefits of their existing plans.

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