MCIT-Inaugurates Salaam GSM\3G Network in Kuner & Ghazni Provinces

Deputy (Fin& Admin) Minister of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) Mr. Wahabuddin Sadaat aiming inauguration of Salaam 3G Network visited Kunar and Ghazni provinces.

In these meetings Deputy Minister Mr. Wahabuddin Sadaat briefly spoke about the development and achievement of MCIT in the field of telecommunications and IT. He said:

Telecommunications and IT have fundamental role in the social – economic, political, cultural, educational areas and daily life of the people.”

Mr. Sadaat gave detailed information regarding benefits of Afghan Telecom Salaam Network services; especially for the people, private and public administrations in mentioned provinces. He stressed:

MCIT created Salaam 3G aiming to provide better quality with affordable prices services, and also it will cause serious competition in telecommunication market of the country. He continued that: MCIT struggles to provide CIT and internet services in every corner of the country and decisively determines to transfer Afghanistan to an information society, for this the contribution of the nation is the most required and necessary.


Mr. Sadaat mentioned that Afghan Telecom as a government Telecommunication Company created Salaam 3G investing 65 million dollars of its own revenue.

He highlighted that for the present Salaam 3G Networks is activated in three districts of Kunar province and in four districts of Ghazni province and it will be soon activated in several districts of the both provinces.

After that Governor of Kunar province Mr. Jalal Aqaa and Mr. Rafiullah Haider a senator from Kunar; and deputy Governor of Ghazni province expressed their satisfaction and praised endeavors and achievements of MCIT.

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