Orange Introduces A New Surprise for Orange Hello Prepaid Subscribers

Mobile Number Portability service, allowing mobile subscribers to choose the preferable operator while keeping their current number is now available in Armenia. Continuing the wave of surprises linked with this occasion, Orange has introduced another offer for the benefit of prepaid customers today. Subscribers, who choose to join Orange Hello prepaid tariff plan till the 3rd of May, will receive monthly during 2 years 200 on-net minutes and 50MB with a total value of 50’000 AMD. To benefit from this offer, customers will just need to recharge their account with one-shot 1000AMD per month. Gifted minutes and MBs are valid for15 days but not more than a calendar month.

Recently we have announced news for customers preferring monthly subscriptions. The offer we launch today is for the benefit of customers who will prefer to join our Orange Hello prepaid tariff plan. At Orange we want to have convenient offer addressing the needs of all customers, especially now that number barriers to join our big family have been removed by the launch of Mobile Number Portability. ”

Francis Gelibter, General Director of Orange Armenia

The offer is available for customers who will port their existing numbers to Orange network, activating Orange Hello tariff plan or subscribers who will choose to acquire a new Orange number with this tariff plan. Existing Orange Hello users and those Orange subscribers who will choose to switch to Orange Hello tariff plan can as well benefit from the offer by activating it via dialing *250#.

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