Orange Continues Making Smartphones More Available

Orange has introduced new credit possibilities for its customers with monthly subscriptions. From now on customers subscribing to Dolphin, Butterfly and Panther 3000 tariff plans can acquire handsets by installment with 0% down payment, 0% commission and only 12% interest rate, instead of regular 20%.

The offer is valid for handsets and smartphones at price from 30 000 to 150 000 AMD. Customers can formalize credit transactions immediately at any of 78 Orange shops, by presenting a passport, social card and income certificate upon request. Credit sale has become possible thanks to the cooperation of Orange and Unibank.

Armenian market of smartphones has grown significantly over the past few years and the demand for these handsets continues to grow. Orange has been the first mobile operator to subsidize handsets and customers subscribing to our Dolphin, Butterfly and Panther 4000 and higher tariff plans have the possibility to acquire handsets starting at 1 AMD. By offering these new credit possibilities we aim at making smartphone handsets more affordable and available for larger number of customers.”

Francis Gelibter, General Director of Orange Armenia 

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