ArmenTel starts sales of low-end Beeline smart 7 phone

ArmenTel telecommunications company (trading as Beeline) has announced today the start of sales of Beeline Smart 7 smartphones. The cost of the device is 22,900 drams. The cost includes a month subscription to the tariff plan Smart Special and a 6-month subscription to 5000 MB of mobile internet.The device is one of low-end models with an attractive design operating on Android 5.1 platform. The phone has a 4-core processor, two cameras with 5 and 1.3 megapixels and a 4-inch screen.



ArmenTel (Beeline) Boosts GSM/3G Coverage in Yerevan

Fixed and mobile operator ArmenTel, which trades under the Beeline banner of its Russian parent Vimpelcom, has completed works designed to improve its GSM and W-CDMA networks in the Armenian capital Yerevan. In a press release the operator said it has deployed new base transceiver stations (BTS) for both 2G and 3G services in the central parts of the city, covering Komitas and the Nork-Marash administrative district. The upgrade work is intended to meet growing demand for mobile internet data as the cellular division continues to increase its subscriber base.


ArmenTel Reports Rising Mobile Subs in 2014 as Data Revenues Climb

Armenian fixed and mobile operator ArmenTel, which trades under the Beeline banner of its Russian parent Vimpelcom, says its cellular subscriber base climbed by 11.9% last year to over 770,000, up from 688,000 at end-2013. Presenting the telco’s financial and operational achievements in 2014, CEO Andrei Pyatakhin said turnover derived from mobile internet services increased by USD900,000 in FY 2014, to USD6 million, although operating revenue from fixed telephony services declined 6% from USD81 million to USD76 million over the twelve-month period. Mr Pyatakhin attributed the decline in fixed line revenue to the global trend of declining demand for fixed telephone services, as people switch to mobile / over-the-top (OTT) applications allowing free communication, such as Viber or Skype.

ArmenTel, a wholly owned subsidiary of Vimpelcom, invested USD14 million in the development of its services in FY 2014, USD3 million more than was invested in FY 2013, Pyatakhin said.

“Thanks to the investment, a high speed fibre-optic internet service based on [fibre-to-the-building] FTTB technology was launched, digitisation was continued in provinces, the number of mobile basic stations was increased and an IPTV service was offered in Armenia.”

He said.

Moreover, Pyatakhin noted that CAPEX totalled USD6 million in the fourth quarter alone, while ArmenTel also paid taxes to the government exceeding AMD14 billion (USD29.2 million). In the press conference, Pyatakhin said that 2014 was marked by the implementation of a new client-based strategy to improve customer loyalty.


Armentel Introduces ‘Let’s Talk’ Voice Offer

Mobile operator Armentel, working under the Beeline Armenia brand, has introduced its new ‘Let’s Talk’ service to subscribers of its ‘Convenient’ tariff. Calls to other Armenian networks cost AMD 15.90 per minute under the service, and the monthly subscription is AMD 990. The service includes unlimited on-net calls.


Armentel Extends Roaming Service

Operator Armentel, working under the Beeline Armenia brand, has extended its ‘0 When Roaming’ service until 15 June. Calls are free after the first minute, which costs AMD 200, until the tenth minute. From the eleventh, call minutes again call AMD 200 per minute. The service is accessible for all subscribers using roaming services globalwide. Activation of the service is free.


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