WiFox to Reveal WiFi Passwords of Different Airport Around the World

Waiting for flight at an airport is a difficult task for those who already know that public WiFi is passwords protected. Anil Polat, a blogger and a computer security engineer has started working on an app WiFox to make travel easier and comfortable by revealing WiFi password of many airports around the world.

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The app will show a map that will allow anyone to select their related place WiFi by showing their passwords.

WiFox to Reveal WiFi Passwords of Different Airport Around the World

The app will update by itself and will show the list of WiFi password with username of the relevant country airport. Polat also wants to make travel more convenient for all travelers by sharing different travel tricks through WiFox. He mentioned in one of his blog that if anyone wants to share WiFi password of any area then they can post it under his blog or can email him directly. He will update his app by adding more information and will update it by receiving users feedback. Whenever you open map, it will always be up-to-date by showing relevant areas WiFi password list.

App will work with both Android and iOS. Anyone can download WiFox for onetime payment of $1.99.The app having map will make travel more comfortable and smarter.

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