PTA Initiates Process for 3G/4G Spectrum Auction in AJK and GB

PTA Initiates Process for 3G/4G Spectrum Auction in AJK and GB

A part from this, one block of 10M Hz in 2100 MHz band and one block of 10 MHz in 1800 MHz band have been spared for Special Communications Organisation.

Mobile Excellence Awards

Government of Pakistan Recognized at GSMA Mobile Excellence Awards

GSMA has recognized the government the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in the mobile industry’s prestigious Government Mobile Excellence Awards, which honor governments’ significant achievements in driving growth in the use of mobile services and maximizing the socio-economic impact of the mobile industry in their respective countries.

This year, the Government Mobile Excellence Awards comprised two categories: Government Leadership and Spectrum for Mobile Broadband. The government leadership award was presented to the government of Brazil whereas Pakistan won the award for Spectrum for Mobile Broadband. The awards acknowledge government policies and regulation that encourage investment and support transparency, competition and regulatory independence.

The governments of Brazil and Pakistan have demonstrated a clear commitment to putting mobile at the top of their digital agendas. We encourage administrations from around the globe to be inspired by their achievements and adopt similar best practice measures in order to encourage greater mobile industry investment, support innovation and increase the provision of mobile services for their citizens.”

Tom Phillips, Chief Regulatory Officer, GSMA

Government Leadership Award – Government of Brazil

The 2015 Government Leadership Award was presented to the Government of Brazil and the Honorable Minister of Communications, His Excellency Mr. Ricardo Berzoini. The award recognizes a number of policy approaches adopted in 2014 that have underpinned phenomenal growth in the broadband subscriber base and have led to Brazil having the highest proportion of 3G connections in Latin America.

Spectrum for Mobile Broadband Award – Government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan

The 2015 Spectrum for Mobile Broadband Award was presented to the Government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Minister of State for Information Technology and Telecommunication, Her Excellency Ms. Anusha Rahman Khan. In April 2014, the Ministry of Information Technology successfully auctioned spectrum for 3G/4G services in Pakistan in the 1800MHz and 2100MHz bands. Since then, there has been a rapid uptake of 3G services, bringing significant benefits to consumers and the national economy, and providing huge growth potential for industry players including operators, device manufacturers, application developers and distributors.

The rapid roll-out of 3G and 4G services is boosting growth and efficiency in all sectors including education, banking, media, health and retailing, as well as being a key enabler for innovative e-services such as e-medicine and e-education in rural and remote areas of Pakistan.


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