T-Mobile USA Outlines Next Phase of its LTE Network Expansion

T Mobile USA has kicked off a major new program to upgrade its 2G EDGE network with LTE. The company plans to complete 50 percent of the work this year alone and expects the program to be substantially complete by the middle of next year.

The upgrade will provide customers who currently experience 2G/EDGE coverage new access to LTE, and many already covered by LTE will see coverage expanded. In addition, T-Mobile plans to begin deploying 4G LTE this year in the new 700 MHz A-Block spectrum the company is in the process of acquiring.

Right now, T-Mobile covers 96 percent of Americans, and over the past year, we’ve completely shattered records with the fastest 4G LTE deployment the U.S. wireless industry has ever seen.”

-John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile

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