T-Mobile USA Launches VoLTE in Seattle

T Mobile USA has launched Voice over LTE services, although coverage is currently limited to the city of Seattle.

The company will also support HD-Voice over VoLTE, in addition to its existing HD-Voice support on its conventional voice network.

T-Mobile added in a blog post that it is the first operator in the USA to support eSRVCC, which handles voice-handover from VoLTE to 3G if the user moves out of coverage.

To use VoLTE, existing LG G Flex and Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Light customers in Seattle need to go into device “Settings,” “General” and “About device” to get a Software Update.

T-Mobile’s engineering team is working to launch VoLTE in additional cities, although the company was silent on offering any sort of timescale for those launches.

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