T-Mobile launches first LTE-A service in Czech Republic

T-Mobile has become the first operator in the Czech Republic to launch a Long Term Evolution-Advanced (LTE-A) service, combining two frequency bands (i.e. carrier aggregation), to offer peak upload/download speeds of 225Mbps/50Mbps to customers in Mlada Boleslav. In a press release, the carrier confirmed it is using a 10MHz block from the 800MHz band and a 20MHz block from the 1800MHz band for its new LTE-A network.

“LTE Advanced is the next step in our ongoing efforts to offer customers the best possible mobile internet,”

said CTO Vladimir Klein, with the cellco noting that LTE-A allows a maximum theoretical transfer rate of 300Mbps/50Mbps when combining two bands with a bandwidth of 20MHz. In addition to the launch of LTE-A, T-Mobile CR is also accelerating its LTE network in Prague, and has recently upped access speeds in several areas of the capital from 112.5Mbps/37.5Mbps (down/uplink), to 150Mbps/50Mbps.

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