STM Unveils Microcontroller Line for IoT Applications

STMicroelectronics introduced microcontroller chips designed to bring the same high-performance graphics enabling intuitive smartphone-like user interfaces in the world of wearable devices, smart appliances, and other IoT (Internet of Things) applications. The new STM32F469/479 microcontroller line delivers this new level of performance through the combination of ST’s Chrom-ART Accelerator and the MIPI-DSI technology that is widely deployed in today’s smartphones and tablets.

Paving the way to enabling “smart objects” such as wearable fitness aids or intelligent home appliances, the new product line combines processing performance with extended connectivity to deliver to these applications the benefit of software ecosystems such as application stores that are increasingly part of everyday life.

At the heart of the new product line is a powerful 32-bit low-power ARM Cortex-M4 MCU (Microcontroller Unit) core augmented by the Chrom-ART Accelerator and ART Accelerator that speed up graphics and real-time processing as well as access to the MCU’s programme memories. The STM32F479 devices also include an embedded cryptographic co-processor for applications where high security is required.

The STM32F469/479 microcontrollers are sampling now to lead customers and volume production is scheduled for Q3. Budgetary pricing starts at USD 8.29 for the STM32F469AEH6 with 512KB Flash Memory in the BGA 169 package in volumes of 10K units.

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