State Communication Committee and ISPs Discuss Cutting Price for Internet

The State Committee for Communication, Information and Telecommunication Technologies of Uzbekistan held a meeting with the operators and internet providers.

The press service of the committee said that the sides considered issues of decreasing prices for internet services in Uzbekistan.

At the meeting, Uzbektelecom and other structures of the State Communication Committee were recommended to adopt measures to improve quality of services.

The committee said that the speed of access to internal Internet networks rose 1.3 times in 2013 and reached over 10 Gbps. Uzbektelecom has technical capabilities to increase the speed of external internet channel by four times.

The technical capabilities of access to Internet rose by 16 times compared to 2011 and 2.12 times compared to 2012.

In last three years, Uzbektelecom decrease tariffs to international internet channels to ISPs by 2.5 times to increase the volume of rendered services and create favorable conditions for internet development.

The analysis showed that internet providers such as Tekhnoprosisten, Buzton, DosT Link, Sarkor Telecom, Unitech, NetCity, Amaliy Aloqalar Biznesi and Skyline, decreased prices from 15% to 80% based on speed of Internet tariffs.

Uzbektelecom introduced new tariff plans with lower subscription fee and higher incoming traffic. The prices for individuals were decreased in average by 47%.

According to Uzbektelecom, it is planning to decrease prices for internet and increase the volume of traffic offered to its clients in 2014 as well.

It is worth to mention that almost all providers offer access to local traffic exchange system TAS-IX for free as a bonus. In 2013, the speed of traffic exchange at TAS-IX reached 10 Gbps, which rose twice compared to 2012. It is planned to modernize TAS-IX in 2014 as well to increase capacity and the volume of traffic exchange.

Source: UzDaily

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