Starhome Launches its LTE Roaming Solution in Tier 1 Operator’s Network in North America

Starhome®, the leading provider of solutions to simplify multi-network mobility, announced today that it has successfully implemented its LTE Steering of Roaming (SoR) and Campaign Management solutions at one of North America’s largest mobile operators.

The Starhome® LTE solution provides upgrades and new capabilities for existing Starhome customers to optimize service delivery and generate new revenues in an LTE environment. In today’s fast changing networks, upgrading roaming to LTE is an essential factor in optimizing network performance during handover between LTE and legacy networks. The subscriber experience is also preserved since LTE-compliant solutions promote the best possible user experience by enabling subscribers to seamlessly roam in hybrid networks.

The North American operator recently upgraded its current Steering of Roaming (SoR) with the Starhome® NG-IPN-4G™ (Next Generation Intelligent Preferred Network) solution. NG-IPN-4G supports enhanced policy-based steering of roaming as well as inter-standard roaming agreements between operators in an LTE environment. The solution incorporates an enhanced Policy Control and Charging (PCC) function. The deployment of NG-IPN-4G will effectively steer their outbound roamers to preferred roaming partners, based on their devices, network capabilities and required services. The solution is also instrumental in ensuring roaming traffic and revenues are maintained and wholesale commitments are upheld.

The customer’s existing Campaign Management solution was also upgraded to support LTE, which effectively enabled the delivery of the first roaming campaign message in a multi-network environment (LTE and GSM).

Campaign Management has become an integral part of the Sparx mobile campaign management solution. Sparx micro-segmentation capabilities target LTE subscribers with personalized messages based on profile and usage history to promote tailored packages and premium LTE services. Sparx promotes true high speed data access in cities and locations where LTE is available to roamers with heavy data usage patterns.

Tal Meirzon, CEO at Starhome added: “Starhome is honored to be chosen once again by our customer in North America to supply technical expertise and specialist solutions to meet its new market challenges.” Mr. Meirzon continued: “Our Tier 1 customer is a world class mobile operator who has demonstrated its leadership by deploying advanced solutions, such as Starhome’s LTE solution. Starhome is proud to provide our customers with products and services they need to maintain a competitive edge.”

Starhome’s roadmap will incorporate its Policy Hub™ and LTE Hub Enabler™ products into its LTE solution. Policy Hub provides dynamic policies related to user data sessions, whether 3G or LTE networks. LTE Hub Enabler provides a gateway for traffic between LTE and non-LTE networks.

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