Sprint Looking to Revive the Nextel Brand name

USA based Sprint may be about to resurrect its dormant Nextel brand name as part of a wider revamping of its marketing efforts this year.

The company has a cluster of different brand names it uses to sell services, and is said to be preparing a major review that would see them slashed to a more manageable portfolio.

The company will pre-launch the Nextel brand for its corporate services. The Clearwire services would first adopt the Nextel brand, which would then absorb Sprint’s corporate customers.

Critically, the changes would simply reuse the brand name. There are no plans to revive the older iDEN network

The existing low-cost brands, Virgin Mobile and Boost are expected to be scrapped and replaced with a new brand – “Sprint Freedom”.

Assurance Wireless, the free mobile phone service provided by Virgin Mobile under the Universal Service Fund, will not be affected.

The company has been widely reported to be preparing a takeover bid for T-Mobile USA, and it is likely that if successful, then Sprint would seek to migrate the customers to its new brand name portfolio.

Source: TechCrunch

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