Snapchat Launches New Search Tool For More Engagement

Snapchat Launches New Search Tool For More Engagement

On Friday Snapchat revealed that they are working on new feature will let users to search public photos and videos. This feature will confine to Snapchat’s messaging App. The new option will help users to find photos which they desire. Snapchat Launches New Search Tool For More Engagement .

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This news feature is announced just day after its competitor, Facebook rolled out feature that let users take photos and edit them with digital stickers just like snapchat. The company told in a blog that it will enable users to search for photos and videos known as snaps posted to our story option on the App. New stories are created by using machine learning technology.

Snapchat Launches New Search Tool For More Engagement

Stories feature in snapchat is a slideshow of user’s content that disappears after 24 hours. Our story option is derived from it.

“Our Story” allows users to post their Snaps as part of a larger public collection, which users will be able to search through with the latest update. Users can also use search feature to find snaps related to events such as games. Search can be made on several topics which are viral.

The new search feature will be launched in some cities by Friday. Snapchay introduced digitally decorated pictures for the first time. It gained a lot of popularity especially among youngsters. The social media is all game of who comes first and who copies in a new way.

The new feature of Snapchat faced a hard competition from Facebook owned Instagram. Users will now be able to search for over one million “Stories” on Snapchat, Snap said, making the app more accessible. Snap’s shares were up 1.5 per cent in afternoon trading, while Facebook’s stock was down marginally.

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