SmarTone Launches LTE Services in 1800 Mhz Band

­SmarTone announced the activation of its 1800 Mhz based LTE network in Hong Kong. The network upgrade was supplied by Ericsson.

SmarTone has also boost up the mobile Internet speeds and capacity with its X-celerator engine. The X-celerator speeds up the Internet experience by maximizing availability and also shortening delays. It also optimizes resource allocation and utilization using a combination of proprietary technologies, as well as increasing capacity through more efficient utilization.

SmarTone CEO Douglas Li said “For us, 4G has always been something more than just bragging rights. At SmarTone, we value innovation and creativity and put our hearts and huge efforts into delivering a superior customer experience. And we do this to delight our customers.” He further said that they are confident their customers will love the difference.

All SmarTone 3G HSPA+ price plans will now be 4G enabled. A new range of volume-based price plans has also been introduced.

4G is currently available to selected customers by invitation but it will be available to customers on September 11th.

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