SK Telecom Plans to Improve LTE Network Quality

SK Telecom has outlined what it intends to do with the radio spectrum it won in last week’s auction.

On August 30, 2013, the company gained authorization to operate the 35 MHz bandwidth (20 downlink + 15 uplink) in the 1800 MHz band. With wider LTE bandwidth, the company will be able to offer 20 MHz downlink LTE service that supports up to 150 Mbps speed.

SK Telecom said that it will begin offering LTE service using wider spectrum channels in the Seoul Metropolitan Area by the end of this year and secure nationwide coverage by July 2014.

In addition, SK Telecom plans to combine its bandwidths in the 1800 MHz (20 MHz bandwidth) and 800MHz (10 MHz) spectrums to offer up to 225 Mbps speed by next year.

SK Telecom

Meanwhile, since launching the world’s first LTE-A service by aggregating 800 MHz band (10 downlink + 10 uplink) and 1800MHz band (10 downlink + 10 uplink) on June 26, 2013, SK Telecom has been making efforts to expand its LTE-A coverage. As a result, LTE-A service became available in central areas of 84 cities nationwide as of July 30, 2013. Furthermore, the company plans to build a total of 32,000 LTE-A base stations by the end of this year to cover more areas of the 84 cities as well as 300 universities across the nation.

“Together with SK Telecom’s LTE-Advanced network that already covers central areas of 84 cities nationwide, our 20 MHz downlink LTE service will allow more customers to experience and benefit from the ultra-fast mobile data environment. Moreover, with the ultimate goal of realizing the combined use all our LTE bandwidths, we are currently focusing on developing next-generation network technologies,” said Park In-sik, President and Head of Network Operations Business of SK Telecom.

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