Six Companies Weigh in for LTE

Six companies have submitted bids for the five 1800MHz frequency bands put up for auction by Polish telecoms regulator the Office of Electronic Communications (UKE). The Long Term Evolution (LTE)–suitable frequencies are to be used for the provision of mobile data and high speed internet services. Cellcos Polkomtel, Orange Poland, P4 and Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa (PTC) – which operates under its parent’s T-Mobile brand – have entered bids, as have fixed-wireless provider Sferia, a sister company of Aero2, and transmission wholesaler EmiTel. Bidding companies are permitted to submit up to three offers for the concessions. With the exception of Sferia and Polkomtel which each entered two offers, all bidders have entered the maximum bids.

The concessions are valid until 31 December 2027 and require operators to launch commercially within the first twelve months from receiving the licences, and to have 1,800 base stations within two years. Bids will be assessed on the operator’s finances and competitive behavior as well as the value of the bid itself.

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