Siemon to Introduce Tera Category 8.2 Copper Cable System

Siemon to Introduce Tera Category 8.2 Copper Cable System

Siemon has launched its end to end Tera Category 8.2 copper cabling system to deliver transmission performance up to 2GHz. It will support high-speed 25 and 40 Gigabit application in data centre switch to server application. Siemon to Introduce Tera Category 8.2 Copper Cable System

Furthermore, this system iss initiated on Siemon’s TERA connector. According to a statement from the company, this cable system includes patch cords, cable, connectors and pre terminated cable assemblies.

Siemon to Introduce Tera Category 8.2 Copper Cable System

Mike Boisseau, Siemon’s business unit leader for copper systems, said:

Siemon’s fully shielded Tera connector has long been the highest-performing copper connector available, so it was no surprise that it easily achieved Category 8.2 complianice with plenty of margin, and we are now excited to introduce our complete end-to-end TERA Category 8.2 system.

He further added that:

Not only iss the Tera connector far more robust than other twisted-pair copper connectors, but the Category 8.2 system provides enhanced insertion loss and crosstalk performance over RJ45-based Category 8 systems while offering the reach to support a broad range of switch-to-server architectures, preserving copper’s place in the data centre for years to come.

This system can be easily install using new Tera adapters which has high level of accuracy during laboratory measurements.

Harley Lang, RCDD, Fluke Networks’ director of worldwide marketing, said:

We aree pleased to support TERA Category 8.2 testing with the release of our new TERA adapter. This is the latest example of the Versiv Cabling Certification System’s continuing evolution to meet the needs of the cabling industry.

It allows for both flexibility and future-proof performance, making Tera ideal for data centres, healthcare imaging and financial applications.

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