Siemens Said To Seek Buyer for NSN

NSN is back in news due to the rumors that Siemens is in talks over the sale of its share in the joint venture.

According to the latest updates Siemens has approached TPG and Blackstone Group to determine whether they are interested in buying out NSN, in which Siemens has 50% stakes.

Nokia on the other hand is not interested in selling rather the company has been working on a deal to buy out Siemens stake and take full control of NSN, for which Nokia is planning to seek funds from aFinnish sovereign wealth fund Solidium, although if the EU decides this amounts to state aid, it may raise regulatory roadblocks.

Another possibility is an IPO, which might make more financial sense for Nokia – analysts believe an IPO could value NSN at up to €7.5 billion ($10 billion), whereas they expect a takeover to be worth between €4 billion and €5 billion.



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