Sarhad University Appreciates QWA's Free 5G Training Program For Students

Sarhad University Appreciates QWA’s Free 5G Training Program For Students

Sarhad University of Science & Information Technology appreciates Free 5G training for university’s students – an initiative taken by Qualcomm Wireless Academy. The Qualcomm Wireless Academy (QWA) has teamed up with the Central Asian Cellular Forum (CACF) to offer free 5G training to university students across Central Asia. Recently, the students of Electrical Department of Sarhad University have received the free 5G training program offered by QWA. The university’s management and students encouraged the program and shared their positive feedback with the team of CACF in an email.

According to Engr Iqbal Khalil, (Assistant professor/Academic Coordinator at Electrical Engineering Department-Sarhad University) “The  Qualcomm Wireless Academy has provided the access of  three  5G Courses  under the Umbrella of  QWA University Initiative Training for students. As this is Free high-end  training for students and they have  accessed hundreds of Dollars – Worth  Quality educational contents and training for free.”

Sarhad University Appreciates QWA’s Free 5G Training Program For Students

He further stated that “The Electrical Engineering Department of Sarhad university has Adopted Outcome Based Education (OBE) system. So one of its criteria is Academia-Industry linkages. Therefore Working together with SUIT, QWA and  Central Asian Cellular Forum is the best example of Academia-Industry linkages.”

“The 5G training provides  innovative knowledge, technical skillset and responsible professional attitude to enabling the global mobility of the students. Students participation in such Industrial training outside their Scheme of studies  helps to broaden their horizon and provides a platform to benchmark with the university teaching methodology.”

“Furthermore the training and access to contents by Qualcomm Representatives and Coordination of  Central Asian Cellular Forum was Highly professional and smooth. The Electrical Department of Sarhad University will be looking forward to 5G free courses to have access for the students Annually.” said Engr Iqbal Khalil.

For readers, information, by taking part in this initiative, students of all levels will receive a valuable professional development opportunity in a dynamic and growing industry.

About Sarhad University of Science & Information Technology:

Sarhad University of Science & Information Technology (SUIT), Peshawar, is a renowned name in the educational circles of Pakistan and abroad. It was established in 2001 through an Ordinance of the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and is duly recognized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC).

Since its inception, the University has made commendable achievements in disseminating quality education and, in a short span of time; it has become a leading institution of higher education in Pakistan.

The University offers a wide range of programs from bachelor to doctoral level. These programs are executed through highly qualified and professionally groomed faculty holding PhD degrees from renowned institutions of Pakistan and abroad.

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