Samsung’s Find My Mobile feature now works with offline devices

Samsung’s Find My Mobile feature is a handy tool to help you find a lost phone. With the latest app update, Find My Mobile will now work for Galaxy devices that aren’t connected to Wi-Fi or cellular. Max Weinbach of XDA Developers spotted the feature on Saturday.

Samsung’s Find My Mobile feature now works with offline devices

The “Offline finding” function will leverage a network of nearby Galaxy devices — it looks similar to the “Community Find” feature that Tile trackers use when they’re out of Bluetooth range. If your phone can’t be found by Wi-Fi or cellular connection, nearby Galaxy devices might be able to locate it.

If you have offline finding enabled, your phone will also be able to scan for other devices, meaning you’ll be able to help others find their lost phones if you’re in range of the item or find watches and earbuds that you’ve used recently.

The feature isn’t enabled by default — you can enable and disable it in your settings and encrypt your offline location if you’re worried about privacy.

We’ve got some questions. For instance, we don’t know for sure what specific technology the community network will use or which watches and earbuds the feature can find.

It’s easy to see how this feature could make Find My Mobile even handier. If you’re traveling (especially internationally), you may not have reliable access to Wi-Fi or cell service — and losing your phone while on a trip can be a disaster.

It looks like Samsung is sending out push notifications to Galaxy owners once they receive the latest Find My Mobile update. You can tap that notification to open the “offline finding” page in settings, where you can toggle the feature on and off.

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