Samsung Starts Work on a Successor to the Galaxy S4

Although it has at least six months of life left in it, Samsung is already preparing to replace the Galaxy S4 smartphone.

What could be the S5 phone is already under development, and a South Korean news publication has dropped the first substantive rumors about the expected specification.

The onward march of ever higher camera resolutions is likely to continue, as the 2014 flagship smartphone is expected to come with a 16 megapixel camera module which is currently under development.

As consumers are wising up to the fact that raw megapixel numbers alone are not the most important factor in camera performance the Galaxy S5 is also expected to come with an optical image stabilizer. Image stabilizers are increasingly important thanks to the rise of video clips from the likes of Instagram and Vine.

“Samsung Electronics, which must procure the tens of millions parts, cannot but be uneasy about its supply chain,” said a Samsung Electronics official. “This is why the OIS function was installed on G2 of LG Electronics, but cannot be found on Galaxy Note 3.” 

Once development of the 16-megapixel module is complete, it is likely to become the basic standard for the company’s smartphones in the future.

Source: ET News


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